Event Topics

Inner GPS

Reconnect with your inner wisdom, strengthen your intuition and become a more authentic leader.

Purpose & Fulfillment

Get clarity about your purpose and discover how to become internally congruent.

Stress Management

Learn techniques to manage stress more effectively.


Immerse yourself in meditation and reconnect to the deepest part of you.

Connect with the Divine

Awaken, heal and strengthen your connection and faith and embrace the wisdom of uncertainty

Blueprint of Your Soul

Explore who you are on a deeper level, what fulfills you and discover your purpose.

Intuition, Flow & Synchronicity

Align yourself to greater ease and Universal laws.

Consciousness 101

Learn about different states of consciousness and how to shift to higher states consciously.

Meditation Practice Program

Cultivate a successful meditation practice.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Reduce stress and inspire creativity among your team members.

All event topics can be customized from 1hr to 3 days.

Please get in touch to discuss which works is best for you and/or your organization.


Speaking Engagements

Guided Meditations

Individuals & Groups

Corporate Programs

Wellness Retreats

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