Shadow Program

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Shadow Program

Dissolve inner resistances for more ease and joy in life

Being human is not always easy.

Besides the luminous aspects we also have shadow sides in us like

  • Good/Evil
  • Friendly/Common
  • Helpful/Egoistic
  • Human/Arrogant
  • Courageous/Fearful

However, we mostly prefer the easy sides and resist the unpleasant sides of life. This costs us unconsciously a lot of strength, nerves and possibly even health.

Learn to dissolve your inner resistances to go through life strengthened in your healthy – “I” and with more serenity.

  • Recognize in which are of your life you like to have more ease
  • Discover the shadow that blocks you
  • Identify what is holding you back being authentic
  • Find out the light you put in your shadow
  • Explore the gift of your shadow
  • Learn to accept and love yourself more


Starting March 8th – Fridays | 9 Online Sessions
9am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm UK | 6pm Berlin 

Sessions March 8, 15, 22, 29th
Sessions in April 5, 12, 26th
Sessions in May 3, 10th

  • Session 1: See a new future for yourself
  • Session 2: Discover what is holding you back
  • Session 3: Identify the masks you are wearing
  • Session 4: Explore how the outside helps you
  • Session 5: Wisdom of your body
  • Session 6: Wisdom of your wounds
  • Session 7: Your light hidden in the dark
  • Session 8: Reclaim pieces of your heart
  • Session 9: Become whole

Investment into yourself: 450€

Course in English

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