An Interview with Anne

“You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?”
“Our soul suffers when you force her to a shallow life. The soul loves beautiful and deep things.”
~Paulo Coelho

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What Clients are Saying…


Thank you Anne, This retreat was exactly what I needed, and so many people could benefit from this experience with you. I am filled with so much love and gratitude. I feel so at peace, relaxed and have finally let go of the feelings and emotions and so much more that doesn’t serve me anymore. I am full of love, life, laughter, joy, strength, determination and LOVE THE WOMAN I have become and transforming into now at this very moment. I now have incorporated into my life meditation practices that I love, and that are now apart of my everyday lifestyle. What an amazing difference this retreat and all I learned have done for this beautiful lady:)

Jennifer Mitchell, Forever Fit

“When you want to make progress, when you want to get things done, Anne is THE coach. It seems like 15 minutes with her makes all the difference. It is like snapping your fingers a few times and you are on the right track, and I love her positive energy!”

~Joanna Zajusz, Positively Rebellious

“Anne was a wonderful coach. Her presence was totally focused on me. I was able to explore different ideas and I am excited about making positive changes. Thank you for the experience.”

~Heather Day

“Anne was a wonderful coach. Her presence was totally focused on me. I was able to explore different ideas and I am excited about making positive changes. Thank you for the experience.”

~Dan Valentine, Valentine Sales & Management

“Anne Vetter is my life coach and she is the most conscious woman I know…. really. You will never feel judged in your energy system by her. She’s open, aware…so smart and wise from the places she has been. She comes to you with an open mind and heart knowing everyone has their own journey. Anne helps you remember to be comfortable with your own uniqueness and who you are. When you become truly comfortable with who you are, it is amazing. Thank you Anne!”

~Ashley Keller

“During my coaching sessions with Anne, not only does her authenticity show up magnificently, but her range of tools and methodology also show up as she coaches. There is broad scope, but she fine tunes matters to what has maximum effect. I have found that both her skills as a coach, and her authenticity, have brought me many profound and positive effects. Especially those dealing with past or present grievances.”

~Paul Pietrocarlo

“At the beginning, I was critical about life coaching, but Anne brought back the light and fire to my life that lost so many years ago. With her inspiring, systematic and professional approach, I learned to heal myself and to develop my personality and mission of life. I dare to dream again and it feels great. Thank you, Anne!”

~Martin Hobler

“I just started working with Anne and I have to say from the first meeting her work made a huge change in my life and brought awareness to an area of my life I have been struggling with. I truly enjoy working with her!”

~Sharon Maschne

“One thing Anne helped show me is the power of positive thinking. I had heard of positive thinking but she really demonstrated it to me and I began to practice reframing my negative thoughts. Now I am seeing the fruits of this in my life, specifically in my recovery from a 26 year eating disorder and in my finances.”

~Sara Shuster

“Words cannot begin to express what a spiritual gift it was to have listened to your message of forgiveness, the magic of meditation and discovery of inner self and peace.”

C.K., Women's Forum 2018